08/12/18 Meagan Tandy will be present at TFMIC5!

Tfmic5 Meagan Tandy

We are delighted to welcome Meagan Tandy for her very first Teen Wolf convention
She really wanted to meet you and she can not wait to share this weekend with you!!
Meagan is a bonus guest, her autographs are included in some passes but not her photoshoots:
> Autograph included in the pass:
VIP, Alpha, Beta
> Photoshoot included in the pass:
All other passes can buy extras with Meagan

Her extras, as well as a new duo photoshoot with Shelley Hennig are available now on our ticket shop.

She will participate in the group photoshoot and other planned activities (Wolfies Party, appetizer and private lunch, announced soon).

Meagan is the last guest, we hope that the guests will please you and that you will spend an unforgettable weekend in their company

07/05/18 Tasya Teles joins Rhiannon Fish for WAG4

Tasya teles the 100 wag4

Tasya Teles is the second guest for the convention "We are Grounders 4" on April 20 and 21 of 2019 in Toulouse
We are delighted to welcome her and she is very happy to spend a weekend with you
All information about passes and extras will be given to you soon.

07/05/18 TFMIC5 will take place at the Palladia

Toulouse palladia

The convention "The Full Moon is Coming 5" on October 20 and 21 of 2018 will take place at the hotel le Palladia in Toulouse

Find all the informations on our website: access, catering, nearby hotels and the preferential rates for le Palladia and le Residhome Tolosa 

07/02/18 Rhiannon Fish will be present at WAG4

Rhiannon fish the 100 wag4

The first guest of "We are Grounders 4" is Rhiannon Fish
Rhiannon loves coming in our beautiful pink city to meet you and spend time with you and we are very happy to welcome her for the third time
All information about the pass and extras will be communicated soon.

07/02/18 "We are Grounders" is back with its fourth edition!

Wag4 eng

We have the pleasure to meet you again for the 4th edition of our convention dedicated to the series "The 100"
"We are Grounders 4" will take place on April 20 and 21, 2019 in Toulouse

06/05/18 Special Offers TFMIC5

Promos tfmic5 juin

Just 7 years ago Teen Wolf was broadcast for the first time for this occasion we offer you special offers on all our ticket shop during 7 days!…/store/the-full-moon-is-coming-5/

05/09/18 Ryan Kelley TFMIC5

Ryan kelley tfmic5

What would be a sheriff without his deputy? We are delighted to welcome Ryan Kelley for "The Full Moon is Coming 5"
He is always very happy to see or meet Wolfies!

Ryan is included in the pass including extras, his extras as well as those of Linden and Susan are available now on our ticket shop.

Ryan is for the moment the last guest but if the budget allows us we do not exclude an additional guest.

05/09/18 Linden Ashby & Susan Walters TFMIC5

Linden susan 

It's not one but two guests who join the convention, Linden Ashby and Susan Walters will be with us for "The Full Moon is Coming 5"
We are always happy to welcome Linden and Susan who love spending time with the Wolfies

Linden is included in the pass (his extras are included in the pass including extras) and Susan is extra guest (her extras are only included in the VIP pass).

Their extras will be available after the announcement of a third guest today, and yes never 2 without 3

05/08/18 Crystal Reed TFMIC5

Crystal reed tfmic5

We are pleased to welcome Crystal Reed for the "Full Moon is Coming 5" convention
She is delighted to meet you in the company of other members of the cast for her first time in the south of France

Crystal is extra guest, and is included only in VIP passes. Her extras are available now on our ticket shop.

We hope you are happy to meet her

And if you want more... see you tomorrow

05/07/18 Froy Gutierrez TFMIC5

Froy gutierrez tfmic5

We are happy to welcome Froy Gutierrez for "The Full Moon is Coming 5"

He is very happy to come to Toulouse and meet you or see you again! Froy is included in the pass containing extras, his extras are available now in our ticket shop.

See you tomorrow Wolfies

05/02/18 Shelley Hennig TFMIC5

Shelley hennig tfmic5

First of all thank you for your patience
We finally had a return for the presence of Shelley Hennig, it is with pleasure that we announce you that she will be present for "The Full Moon is Coming 5" which will take place in Toulouse, on October 20 and 21, 2018
Her extras are available on our ticket shop.
There will be new announcements very soon, we hope you will like them

02/21/18 Thank you Grounders WAG3

Wag3 guests

We had an extraordinary convention by your side Grounders
We thank our great guests who were delighted to spend time with you all! A big thank you to our great team who assured throughout the weekendand to our photographers for their great photos on the new funds, that you all seem to have enjoyed
Thank you to our press partners and stands, a big congratulations to the gymnasts of ASEAT

The Grounders, you have respected the rules throughout the weekend and it's thanks to you that everything went as well and the actors have all enjoyed their weekend !! Your smiles, laughter, tears of happiness and your good mood have been our greatest reward so THANK YOU ALL and ... May we meet again


Planning samediPlanning dimanche

02/14/18 Dylan Sprayberry TFMIC5

We are pleased to welcome Dylan Sprayberry for the Full Moon is Coming 5 convention on October 20th and 21st in Toulouse!
Dylan is always happy to spend time with the Wolfies!

Dylan is included in the pass including extras, his extras will be available from 20h on our ticket office!
In the meantime you can find the prices and descriptions of his extras on our website:

Negotiations are already underway with several guests for the new date, so see you soon for new announcements!

Dylan sprayberry tfmic5

02/14/18 TFMIC5

It is with regret that we announce that Holland Roden will not be available on July 14 and 15 following a professional impediment, so we decided to postpone "The Full Moon is Coming 5" to 20 and 21 October 2018 , in Toulouse!

Holland really wants to return to Toulouse and has already confirmed her presence for these dates, we are waiting for a return for Shelley's availabilities.

See you before the end of the day for the announcement of a new guest :)

For people with a pass, an email has been sent to you (to the email address of the buyer account) with more information about your purchases.

Tfmic5 holland roden

01/22/18 River-Diner Convention

We are truly sorry to announce you that, unfortunately, Madelaine Petsch won’t be attending the convention anymore. Due to a new professional project she is no longer available at the time of the convention, we wish her a lot of success in all her future projects!

When we started working on this TV show theme, we obviously contacted the main actors of the show in order to know if they were interested in participating in conventions, we received then positive answers which matched the convention’s budget.
Unfortunately at this time the main actors don’t enter our budget anymore, we’ve thought about maintaining the convention with Madelaine, who was looking forward to meet you, with other actors just as enthusiastic, but with her cancellation we can no longer maintain the convention because we won’t probably be able to welcome the actors you really wanted to meet (according to the survey in the group), so we decided to cancel the convention :(
Every participant who has ordered a pass will receive an email (used during the order) with the instructions to receive a refund.

However, don’t lose hope because People Conventions maintain their convention in Paris and there might be positive surprises waiting for you for the #Rivercon which will take place March 31th and April 1st in Paris !
Participants who already bought a pass for our convention are going to be able to benefit from 10% discount on RiverCon pass!