Reserve a pass

It is now possible to book your pass to our convention!

We ask the amount of 20 € (no matter the pass) for the reservation, we accept payment by check or by bank transfer; your pass will then be paid by check, bank transfer or money order - payment by paypal can not be accepted. The special offers are not valid with a reservation.

To make a reservation, simply:

- Complete the form below

- Send the amount of 20€ at the address / bank info given to you by email (within 72 hours after sending this form)

- The deadline for pay your pass is 2 months after the reservation (the pass must be fully paid before the event), when you are ready to pay your pass you will need to buy the pass on our ticket shop.

- The amount of the 20€ will be deducted upon payment of your pass (after your order).

Reservations are possible until one month before the event.

The reservation can not be canceled and the amount of 20 € will not be refunded. Not valid for VIP pass.

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