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01/22/18 River-Diner Convention

We are truly sorry to announce you that, unfortunately, Madelaine Petsch won’t be attending the convention anymore. Due to a new professional project she is no longer available at the time of the convention, we wish her a lot of success in all her future projects!

When we started working on this TV show theme, we obviously contacted the main actors of the show in order to know if they were interested in participating in conventions, we received then positive answers which matched the convention’s budget.
Unfortunately at this time the main actors don’t enter our budget anymore, we’ve thought about maintaining the convention with Madelaine, who was looking forward to meet you, with other actors just as enthusiastic, but with her cancellation we can no longer maintain the convention because we won’t probably be able to welcome the actors you really wanted to meet (according to the survey in the group), so we decided to cancel the convention :(
Every participant who has ordered a pass will receive an email (used during the order) with the instructions to receive a refund.

However, don’t lose hope because People Conventions maintain their convention in Paris and there might be positive surprises waiting for you for the #Rivercon which will take place March 31th and April 1st in Paris !
Participants who already bought a pass for our convention are going to be able to benefit from 10% discount on RiverCon pass!