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02/25/16 We are Grounders informations

Hi Grounders !

Please read carefully the information below:

You can find the planning of the event here:

It will be possible for you to have lunch at the restaurant of the convention’s hotel. You can find the special menu here: available between 12pm and 14pm


Badges Registration:

You can pick up your pass/badge and your extras envelop on Friday, from 18:30 to 21:00, in the hall of the convention’s hotel.

The distribution of passes/badges on Sunday will start at 8:45 instead of 8:15.

For latecomers, you will be able to pick up your badge and envelop at our shop.



To pick up your badge and your envelop the day or the day before the convention you will need your printed nominative ticket and your ID. To pick up a friend’s badge and envelop, it is mandatory to have a copy of his/her ID and his/her written request.

For underage participants, if you haven’t sent us your parental derogation by mail/e-mail before February 17th, don’t forget to bring your filled derogation.


Information about the progress of the event:

-The Holiday Inn has a private parking lot, free for the participants, as well as free wi-fi.

- A cloakroom will be available for 1 euro per person/per day (except for the evening party)

- Seats in the conference room will be indicated by rows, in order that Sky People passes will be placed in the first rows, Earth passes the rows behind and so on. It will be possible to exchange places, as long as the other person agrees or that a seat is vacant. (The most expensive passes take priority over the others)

-For the running order of extras, you will be called in little groups in the panel room for each session. To avoid overcrowding in the space of the extras rooms, thanks to respect these calls. It is forbidden to be in the extras space if you don’t have any extras at this moment. Once your extra is done, you have to come back immediately in the conference room.

-As a matter of course, passage time of each participant is limited during photoshoot and autograph sessions, so that the planning of the day is respected. If you want to discuss with one of the actor, we suggest you to take a meeting extra.

To be clear, it is forbidden to take pictures of the actors during the extras session at risk of penalty.

-Think about the questions you want to ask the actors during the panels! Please avoid any too personal question.

-Gifts and fanbooks are authorized only during the autograph sessions.

-Thanks to respect the planning of the event and to not disturb the actors out of the planned activities.

-We want you to remember that pictures and videos of the actors are strictly forbidden during the weekend except during the panels. Professional photographs will be there to take pictures during the weekend.

-We also want you to remember that we can’t be held responsible if you miss an extra session; make sure to be in the conference room at the moment of your extra session.

-Make sure to always have your badge around your neck, even during the evening party.

-Our team will be there to answer your questions.

-You will be able to purchase extras at our shop (limited quantities on-site). We accept credit card and cash payments. There are just a few Grounders party tickets and duo photoshoot Bob and Marie left.

-You will find, in front of the panel room three shop stands: “Sweet Memories”, “PG  Stuff” and “La boutique des series”.

For the Grounders party on Saturday evening, thanks to arrive at the indicated time. Don’t forget that you will be able to get a Grounder make up and fluorescent stars. Other animations are planned.

We have prepared a lot of games and animations :) Our presenter will be there to give your more details.

The tombola with a drawing lot each day around 11:15, before the meetings (tickets available at our shop), with lots of prizes and surprises!

>The Royal Cluedo – try to resolve the investigation by team. You’ll have to find the criminal, the weapon and the place of the murder (clues will be dispersed in the convention rooms)

Results will take place each day around 16:30.

> The Weakest Grounder – Answer questions about The 100 and try not to be the Weakest Grounder! (Only on one of the two days)

> Grounders Feud – try to find the most cited answers of our panel to become the “golden grounders”. (Only on one of the two days)

The Whisper Challenge – try to find a word by reading another participant’s lips.

> Chain Mimes – try to find the word of expression mimed by other participants.

The Wheel of Royal Events – try your luck by turning our wheel! (Tickets available at our shop)

WAG Find Me – You will find a little card in your envelop, you’ll have to find two other participants with the same card!

You can win reductions and extras at almost every games and animations above!

If you have important questions, thanks to ask on the facebook group of the convention. We are sorry but we won’t have time anymore to answer your e-mails.

We hope that you’re ready to spend a magical weekend with Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos and Richard Harmon. See you soon! 


TFMIC6See you very soon for an amazing weekend!!