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05/30/17 Fanbooks

We decided to change the attribution of fanbooks.You will need to write an email to explaining why you want to take care of the fanbook, within 48 hours following the announcement of the guest. Any request not sent on this email won't be taken into account.
The goal of a fanbook is to collect as many messages as possible from fans to offer it at the convention 
We take this opportunity to remind you the information to care for a fanbook:
- Write an email within 48 hours of the guest's announcement
- Have a pass for the convention, as well as an extra autograph in order to be able to hand over the fanbook
- A photo of the actor with the fanbook will be taken but the person in charge will not necessarily be on the photo
- The support must not be a simple binder / course booklet
- Promote the fanbook via Facebook / Twitter
- Speak French, and have the opportunity to translate into English

If you are interested in taking care of one of these fanbooks, please follow the above instructions :) Only the selected person will receive an answer.