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LoveCon: The first guests

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Elise Bauman, Natasha Negovanlis (Carmilla web series), and Elliot Fletcher (The Fosters, Shameless US, and Faking It) are the first guests of the convention part. Keyza, youtubeuse is the first guest of the fair part.

WAG4: Jarod Joseph

We are delighted to welcome Jarod Joseph for the "We Are Grounders 4" convention which will take place in Toulouse on April 20 and 21, 2019!
Jarod is happy to come in the south of France for the first time and can not wait to meet you or see you again!
He is included in the pass including extras and he will participate in all activities, you can now find the prices and descriptions of its extras here
Other guests will be announced very soon, the extras with Jarod will be available on the ticket shop at this moment ;)

Jarod joseph wag4

Lovecon: The venue

The LoveCon' will take place at the Espace Charenton in Paris☺
You can find more information about the venue, as well as the hotels around on our website:

Espace charenton lovecon


We hope you had an exceptional and unforgettable weekend
We thank you for the incredible welcome you have made to our 8 wonderful guests, they were all delighted to have shared this weekend with you!
Although the series is over, they are all grateful to see that the Wolfies are still here to share unique moments with them.

Thanks to all the participants of the Wolfies Party, many of you came in disguise and you did not do things in half, thanks to you and the general good mood, all the actors also had fun (as well as some Wolfies who could have stayed until the end of the night;))

Each convention is different and this sixth Teen Wolf was particularly incredible and thanks to you, thank you for your trust, your good mood, your smiles, your tears of happiness and your laughs, it is always a pleasure for us to spend time with you!

At the moment we are not yet ready to say goodbye and we think you either... So see you next year?? ❤

Photos in digital and ambiance available in the coming weeks!

TFMIC5 Schedule

Planning tfmic5

09/22/18 Ellery Sprayberry TFMIC5

Tfmic5 Ellery Sprayberry

We said there would be no more guest, however we love surprises ... We are delighted to welcome Ellery Sprayberry for her first Teen Wolf convention
For those who do not know Ellery is Dylan's sister, she played in a Teen Wolf episode of Season 6

Ellery is an extra guest, she will attend at least two conferences, as well as the group photoshoot, a duo photoshoot Dylan / Ellery has been added to the ticket shop, as well as her extras (photo, autograph).

We hope that this announcement will please you and that you will make a warm welcome to Ellery

09/18/18 LoveCon Announcement

LoveCon' Paris

We are pleased to present you the #LoveCon in collaboration with Cinespace Évènements !
The LoveCon' is an event combining a fair and a convention, dedicated to the LGBT+ representation in series, movies, books, and to the rights in France and around the world

In a relaxed and colorful atmosphere the LoveCon' is an opportunity to escape for a day or a weekend, with a fair offering shop stands, speakers, information, charity stands, animations, activities with people involved in the community, actors, writers and other celebrities

More intimate, a multi-series convention will host actors and actresses representing the LGBT+ community, through their on-screen roles or the rights they defend Panels, autographs, photoshoots and private meetings will be programmed!

For more information on the LoveCon', please follow the social networks:
- Website:
- Facebook page:
- Facebook group:
- Instagram:

See you this weekend for the announcement of the first guest (convention part) and Monday, September 24 for the opening of ticket shops, and in the meantime #SpreadTheLove

09/11/18 Wolfies Party TFMIC5

 Following the survey, the Wolfies Party of the convention will be held on the theme Crazy Asylum & Fluo, with a universe Eichen House and a touch of Fluo! 
It will be held at the hotel Palladia, from 20:30 (buffet included). 
A costume contest will be organized

Find all the information on this page
The extra is available in our ticket shop 

Wolfies party tfmic5

08/23/18 Lindsey Morgan is confirmed for WAG4

Lindsey morgan wag4

We are very happy to welcome Lindsey Morgan for the convention "We Are Grounders 4" on April 20 & 21, 2019, in Toulouse
Lindsey is always happy to share moments with the fans of the series and we hope that her coming makes you happy All information regarding pass and extras will be given in September.

08/12/18 Meagan Tandy will be present at TFMIC5!

Tfmic5 Meagan Tandy

We are delighted to welcome Meagan Tandy for her very first Teen Wolf convention
She really wanted to meet you and she can not wait to share this weekend with you!!
Meagan is a bonus guest, her autographs are included in some passes but not her photoshoots:
> Autograph included in the pass:
VIP, Alpha, Beta
> Photoshoot included in the pass:
All other passes can buy extras with Meagan

Her extras, as well as a new duo photoshoot with Shelley Hennig are available now on our ticket shop.

She will participate in the group photoshoot and other planned activities (Wolfies Party, appetizer and private lunch, announced soon).

Meagan is the last guest, we hope that the guests will please you and that you will spend an unforgettable weekend in their company

07/05/18 Tasya Teles joins Rhiannon Fish for WAG4

Tasya teles the 100 wag4

Tasya Teles is the second guest for the convention "We are Grounders 4" on April 20 and 21 of 2019 in Toulouse
We are delighted to welcome her and she is very happy to spend a weekend with you
All information about passes and extras will be given to you soon.

07/05/18 TFMIC5 will take place at the Palladia

Toulouse palladia

The convention "The Full Moon is Coming 5" on October 20 and 21 of 2018 will take place at the hotel le Palladia in Toulouse

Find all the informations on our website: access, catering, nearby hotels and the preferential rates for le Palladia and le Residhome Tolosa 

07/02/18 Rhiannon Fish will be present at WAG4

Rhiannon fish the 100 wag4

The first guest of "We are Grounders 4" is Rhiannon Fish
Rhiannon loves coming in our beautiful pink city to meet you and spend time with you and we are very happy to welcome her for the third time
All information about the pass and extras will be communicated soon.

07/02/18 "We are Grounders" is back with its fourth edition!

Wag4 eng

We have the pleasure to meet you again for the 4th edition of our convention dedicated to the series "The 100"
"We are Grounders 4" will take place on April 20 and 21, 2019 in Toulouse

06/05/18 Special Offers TFMIC5

Promos tfmic5 juin

Just 7 years ago Teen Wolf was broadcast for the first time for this occasion we offer you special offers on all our ticket shop during 7 days!…/store/the-full-moon-is-coming-5/

05/09/18 Ryan Kelley TFMIC5

Ryan kelley tfmic5

What would be a sheriff without his deputy? We are delighted to welcome Ryan Kelley for "The Full Moon is Coming 5"
He is always very happy to see or meet Wolfies!

Ryan is included in the pass including extras, his extras as well as those of Linden and Susan are available now on our ticket shop.

Ryan is for the moment the last guest but if the budget allows us we do not exclude an additional guest.