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December 20

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Try to guess the next guest and maybe win a photoshoot with him by giving us your predictions on the announcement of the second guest!
All the people who have given a good answer will be able to win a photo with the announced guest, by buying their pass within 15 days after the opening of the ticket shop!
Only one answer per person is accepted, duplicates are useless, in case you participate several times only the first answer will be taken into account.

TFMIC4 - Informations

Thank you read carefully the information below:
We just have the confirmation that Holland will not be attend the convention on Sunday. The production have to schedule a filming on Monday.

All the extras included in the pass are transformed into extras with Victoria.

For all the people who have purchased an extra with Holland, a credit ticket will be in your pocket, YOU ABSOLUTLY NEED TO KEEP IT, You will have several options:

-You can exchange it at our shop throughout the weekend, valid on all the extras.

-for all those who do not wish to use their credit ticket during the convention you can use it on another of our conventions or we will offer you a refund after the convention.


Please read the information below before coming to the convention. 

Distribution of badges:
You can come and pick your badge and your pocket extras today between 19:45 and 21h at the lobby of the amphitheater of the convention hotel.
Saturday from 8:15am to 10am and Sunday from 8.45am to 10am.
For the latecomers who can not arrive before 10am, you will get your badge and pocket at our shop (in the amphitheater lobby).
Planning: we are waiting on holland to confirm the planning, it will be available on saturday morning at the hotel of the convention. 
Reminders: To get your badge + pocket the day, or the day before the convention, you need your printed nominative ticket and ID.
To pick up  the badge and pocket of a friend it is imperative to provide a photocopy of his identity card and his written request.
For the minors, remember to bring the parental discharge filled even if you have sent us by mail or email.

Please check your extras carefully when you pick up your badge and pocket, after you will sign the registration we will not make any changes after your signature.

Information regarding the progress:

- The Palladia has a private and free parking for participants.
- There will be a coatcheck: 1 € per person / day (excluding during the saturday night party)
- The seats in the conference room will be indicated by area so that the Alpha pass are in the forefront, the pass Beta behind and so on. It will not be possible to place you in a higher area than your pass.
- For passages to the extras, you will be called by small group in the conference room for each session, so that the extras spaces are not overloaded, thank you to respect these calls and stay in the conference room (there will be a lot of animations!).
It is forbidden to go to the extras section if you do not have extra taking place at that time. Once your extra is done, you will directly join the conference room.
If you are not in the conference room when we call for the extras sessions and you miss your extra it will not be possible to do it later or get a refund. Please note that the extra sessions can be delayed or advanced, so be very careful!

Of course the time of each participant is limited for the sessions photoshoots/autographs session, in order to respected the schedule of the day. If you want to talk to one of the actors, we suggest the meeting.
We specify that the photos and videos of actors at the extras sessions are strictly forbidden, we ask you to respect that and not to try by all means to take pictures or film the actors, under pain of penalty.

- Think about the questions that you want to ask to the actors during the conferences! Thank you to avoid the too personal questions.
- The gifts/fanbooks are to be handed during the autograph sessions only. 
- Please respect the progress of the planning, and do not disturb the actors during the scheduled activities.
- We remind you that the photos/videos of the actors are forbidden throughout the weekend, except in the conference room. Photographers will be present to take pictures of the two days.
- We also recall that we are not responsible if you miss an extra session, so again, be very careful to be in the conference room at the time of extras sessions.
- Remember to always have your badge around the neck and bracelet on your wrist (including during the party). Thank you not to remove it.
- Our team will be there to answer your questions.
- For lunch baskets reserved in advance, you can pick them up in the hall of the amphitheater during the lunchtime during approximately 30 minutes.
- You can find in front of the extras rooms, three shops "PG Stuff", "La boutique des séries" & "The Fallen Crowns" . You will have the opportunity to go before or after your extra. For people with no extras we will tell you in the conference room at what times you can get there (in order not to overload the space).
- Extras will be available (in limited quantities) on site at our shop. Payment by credit card and cash will be accepted.
- We have prepared many games and animations :) Our host will be there to give you more details.
-The scratch tickets, wheel tickets (6.5 euros) cloakroom will be at the stand of the wheel.

> The Tombola - with a draw daily, (tickets on sale at our shop), lots of prizes to be won!
> The Royal Cluedo (both day) - Try to solve the investigation per team by finding the guilty, the weapon and place (by means of clues in the hotel of the convention). A group photoshoot with your team win!
> Whisper challenge / Whisper challenge mime - Find the word by reading lips of another participant.
> Chain mime
>GO wolfies :go find... go take a picture with...


> The royal wheel : try and turn the wheel. (Tickets on sale at the shop 4.5 euros)
>TFMIC4 find me: you'll find a little card in your envelope, you'll need to find the other participant with the same cars than yours. 
-Who is it? Go find the forgotten.
-photobooth: to add more fun to your photoshoots.

We would like to inform you that among the several promotions to win during animations, with scratch tickets or even with the wheel none will be acceptes at the stand of Royal Events (dressroom and wheel.) Or on scratch tickets and they won't be combined.


-2 beverage tickets will put in your envelope 
You'll be able to buy more drinks directly at our bar : 2 euros per glass (coke icetea...) and 5 euros acoholic drinks (only for those who are overage and limited quantities)
There will be also a buffet where you can help yourself. (With some vegetarian products). Some coatholders will be available to put your bags. We want to let you know that they won't be any surveillance.
We also want to tell you that the actors will be at the party during a minimum of an hour.

The member of the staff will be waiting for you ti go together ro the tramway station and travel with you.

To come back from the Pier hotel around midnight, it will be done by groups of participants depending of the hour they want to leave. 

Don't forget your extra ticket and ID and also to wear your badge. 
If you have bought a pass for another participants tranfer him or her this e-mail. 


See you in a few hours  Wolfies! :)

01/27/17 Jessica Harmon will be à WAG2

Jessica harmon wag2 convention

We could not welcome Richard but a member of the Harmon family will be with us! Jessica Harmon is the last guest of the convention "We Are Grounders 2" :)
She is looking forward to meeting you!
Jessica is an extra guest,she is not included in the pass including extras (except VIP pass).
Her extras will be available tomorrow in the evening.

You will have all the information regarding the new duos photoshoots and lunches, in the weekend. All our guests participate in all the activities (Grounders party, appetizer, lunch, group photoshoot..)

We hope you are happy with the last guest :)

01/26/17 Christopher Larkin WAG2

Christopher larkin wag2

We are pleased to announce that Christopher Larkin will be among us for the "We are Grounders 2" convention :)

After Richard's cancellation he did not hesitate to come to meet you! So Chris replace Richard.
His extras will be available on our ticket shop Saturday evening. You can find more information about the extras on this link:

11/30/16 Advent Calendar

On the occasion of the end of year celebrations, and for the third consecutive year, find our Advent calendar☃

Every day at midnight, open a case and discover a new announcement, or promotion★

Open the first box at midnight❄

Calendar Link:​

Offers are active 24h (from 00:01 to 23:59).

Once your order made, payment must be made within 7 days so that the order can be confirmed.

We remind you that the purchase of extras is not possible before the purchase of a pass, the order can not be taken into account.

Calendrier 1

02/29/16 We are Grounders

Hello Grounders!!

We hope that you are well rested after this magical weekend.

We are delighted to have welcomed Marie Bob and Richard, who were amazing, they really loved spending their weekend in your company. This was their first convention only dedicated to The 100  and they were very happy to see so many fans of the show in France! They found you very respectful, adorable and they all want to come back in Toulouse!

We wish to thank you all for your good mood, your respect for the guests and our team.
You contributed to make this weekend unforgettable for the actors, our team and ourselves! Your smiles, your thanks, your hugs, your tears, your messages, it's our greatest reward after months of work.

Thank you to our incredible team for your involvement, your support, your smiles throughout the weekend, we are so proud and happy to have you in our team!
Thank you to all our photographers for their photos and videos of the convention! (Online soon)
Also thank you to all the staff of the Holiday Inn to have answered all our expectations and being present so that everything goes well!

And do not forget in 2017 >>> "WE ARE BACK BITCHES !!!"

PS: for the unprinted photos, we will keep you informed once we have time to prepare everything in order to send them by post! Thank you for your patience :)

Have a nice evening!

Wag is back