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The extras are available in our ticket shop. You must have/buy a pass to be able to buy an extra.


Rk tfmic




● Photoshoot: 40€
 Autograph+support: 25€
 Duo Meeting with Linden: 100€
 Selfie: 35€

Linden tfmic6




● Photoshoot: 30€
 Autograph+support: 20€
 Duo Meeting with Ryan: 100€
 Selfie: 25€

Susan tfmic6



[extra guest]

● Photoshoot:  30€
 Autographe+support: 20€ 
 Selfie: 25€

Holland roden tfmic


● Photoshoot: 45€
 Autograph+support: 25€ 
 Meeting: 100€
 Selfie: 40€

Froy gutierrez


[extra guest]

● Photoshoot:  35€
 Autograph+support: 25€ 
 Meeting: 100€ 
 Selfie: 35€

Shelley hennig tfmic


● Photoshoot: 45€
 Autograph+support: 25€ 
 Meeting: 100€
 Selfie: 40€

Duos and group photoshoots

  • Shelley Hennig & Holland Roden 60€
  • Ryan Kelley & Linden Ashby 60€
  • Shelley Hennig & Ryan Kelley 60€
  • Susan Walters & Holland Roden 60€
  • Froy Gutierrez & Ryan Kelley 60€
  • Holland Roden & Ryan Kelley 60€
  • Linden Ashby & Susan Walters 50€
  • Groupe 125€

       Description of the Extras: 

Photoshoot convention
Autographs convention
Meeting convention


The photoshoot is a picture of you with an actor, taken by a professional photograph. The printed photo on paper will be given to you in the day.

We offer several photoshoots:
- a photoshoot with a guest is a photo of you with one actor
- a duet photoshoot is a photo of you with two actors
- a group photoshoot is a photo of you with all the actors present (valid for 1 or 2 participants).



The autographs are signed and given by the guests.

They can be purchased with the official photo support of the guest. Otherwise you can use an authorized support of your choice *

* More information about the authorized supports and the progress of this session in our FAQ




The meeting represents a private meeting that takes place in small groups around a table, with a guest (less than 20 participants).
One meeting is scheduled each day for each guest.

With a duration of 20 minutes, you can ask questions and talk directly with the actors. A translator will be present for non-bilingual.
Candies will be offered.


   Cocktail Party:

A themed cocktail party will be held on Saturday evening. The actors will be present during at least one hour. Limited places.



   Private Lunch:

Share a private moment during the private lunch with our guests!
Very small committee (about an hour).
The meal is included. A translator will be present.


   Private Appetizer:

We offer you a friendly and unique moment in the company of actors present during an appetizer! 
Some snacks and different drinks will be offered. Very limited places.
A translator will be present.


TFMIC6See you very soon for an amazing weekend!!