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Uf galaxy party


✸ The party of the "United Fandoms" convention will take place on Saturday at the Marriott Hotel (venue of the convention) on the Galaxy theme!
It will start at 21:00 and will end around midnight, for a price of 100€.       

Unlimited drinks will be proposed for two hours (possibility of adding alcohol option when buying the extra) after, the drinks will be charged on site. 

The actors will be present a part of the evening, about 1 hour (except Alycia who will not participate in the evening)        
We inform you that it is a dance party, and that our guests will be there to have fun with you and will be free to chat and / or dance.
We ask you to think of others and to leave your place once you have discussed with an actor, do not hesitate to reach our team if necessary.           

❤ Upon arrival, you will be offered neon bracelets! A makeup artist will propose tattoos on the theme of the evening or symbols in the world of series with paint and makeup      

Feel free to match your outfit to the Galaxy theme, we suggest stars, glitters, and colors around the blue, purple, pink! 

We inform you that photos / videos of / with actors will be prohibited. Photographer will be present to immortalize moments of the evening.   ♫
✭ Only pass holders can buy the extra for the party, available in our ticket shop. 

The pass holders for the day of Sunday can participate in the party, the pick up of their badge will be done directly at the entrance of the party.

See you Saturday at 21:00 to spend a memorable evening ❤

Available in the ticket shop

TFMIC6See you very soon for an amazing weekend!!