Royal Events Conventions


General inquiries

  • What is a convention?
    A convention is an event allowing you to meet your favorite actors of a TV show.Each day counts multiple Q&A panels between actors and fans, photo ops, autographs sessions, meet & greets, a private party with the actors, private lunches, and different animations and games hosted by our staff.
    It is the perfect occasion to meet other fans of the show, and of course to make unforgettable memories with your favorite actors!

  • Who are Royal Events’ guests and when will they be announced ?
    We will inform you of our future guests on each of our social medias. You can find more information about our confirmed guests in our events category.

  • Where will the guests be announced?
     On our social media pages Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages and on our website.

  • What is a “pass”?
    It is the ticket which will give you access to the convention. Tickets are available to purchase in our ticketing.

  • What is an “extra”?
    An extra will allow you to complete your pass: a photo op, an autograph, a meet & greet, a private lunch, or access to the party. Extras are available to purchase in our ticketing. Be careful, you can only buy an extra if you already bought a pass.

  • Where is the convention taking place?
    You can find more information about our convention venues in our events category.

  • Are the actors approachable?
    Only people with a ticket can access the convention and approach the actors. Outside the convention, it won’t be possible to approach them because they will be escorted by security agents. Please note that our guests are invited in France only to meet the fans at the convention.

  • Can minors buy a pass to access the convention ?
    Of course, and the minor can access the convention alone. It only takes to fill up parental discharge, and you will need to present it the day of the event. Please contact us for minors of eleven years old or less. 

  •  Are children of all ages welcome ?
    There is no age limit, but a convention isn’t appropriate for a child younger than ten years old, unless he or she is a very good fan! We do not offer a special rate for children.

  • One of my parents wants to join me for the event as I am minor, is there any preferencial price or discount for them? Where can I meet people going to the convention ?
    No, minors can access the convention without the presence of a parent, if one of them still wants to go with the child, he or she will need a pass to access the convention. Please contact us for minors of eleven years old or less. 

  • Where can I meet people going to the convention ?
    We have facebook groups for each of our conventions, it is the opportunity to exchange with other participants or help each other if you have questions, or via twitter with the # of the convention.  

  •  When does the ticket shop close ?  
    Approximately two weeks before the convention. The exact date will be communicated a bit before.  

  • When will be the cocktail party/private apetizer/ private lunch on sale?
    It depends of our conventions, usually when all (or almost all) of our guests are announced. A announce is made on our social pages like Facebook and Twitter when we will put the extras on sale.  

  • Are the « extra guests » included in the pass ? 
    No, if an actor is announced as « extra guest », it means that you will need to purchase his or her extras even if you have a pass that includes some extras (except for VIP passes, where extra guests are included.) 

  • Can I purchase a pass or an extra for a friend ?
    Yes, you will need to precise his/her name during your order or by e-mail within seven day, no change will be made after that, as tickets are nominative. 

Purchase / Payment

  • How can I pay?
    You can pay directly via our ticketing. We offer a few payment methods, such as bank transfer, money order, check or credit card.

  • How to benefit the payment in installments?
    We accept different payment facilities, for that you just have to specify in the comment box when you are ordering, or by email within 24 hours, the terms that suit you.
    For payment by check, you need to specify at the back of your checks (in addition to your order number) the date of deposit of each check, or by bank transfer you need to specify (in addition to the number of your order) the payment number on the bank transfer information (eg payment 1/3).
    It is not possible to receive the payment in several times by credit card.
    You can find the payment facilities proposed here.

  • Where will I receive my pass and extras?
    You will receive by email the nominative ticket to be printed (for your pass) that will be present on the day of the convention (or the day before) with an ID to pick up your badge (+ pocket) giving you access.
    Concerning the extras (ordered or included in your pass) you do not receive tickets by mail, they will be in your pocket the day of the convention.

  • Is it possible to set aside a ticket so I can pay later?
    We can put aside a ticket for you for an amount of 20€ (which will be deducted of price ticket). We offer more information about it in our booking a pass section.

  • Why do I have to sign in to order a pass?
    We find it more secure that each client has their own private space. It is also a great way for us to provide you coupons or discounts, and it also allows you to see your detailed orders and bills.

  • There is a mistake on my order. How can I edit it?
    Please contact us via our email address so we can change your information.

  • Is it possible to purchase a less expensive ticket and exchange it with a more expensive one?
    If the pass you would like is still available to purchase, then you can. Please email us so we can upgrade your pass.

  • Can I change the day I attend the convention (Saturday/Sunday)?
    Only if there is still tickets available. Please email us so we can change the day of your attendance.

  • I plan on attending the event on Sunday. Can I still attend the Saturday night party?
    Yes, but you will have to get your pocket on Saturday evening. Please send us an email.

  • Can I purchase my pass and my extras on the same order?
    Of course!

  • My order is still processing and I already sent my payment. How can I know for sure that you received my payment (except Paypal)?
    If you don’t receive an email of confirmation of your payment in the two weeks following your purchase, please contact us.

  • I sent my payment and my order is still processing, but I’m worried because I didn’t received my nominative ticket. What should I do?
    If it has been more than 20 days that you have sent your payment, please contact us.

  • What are the conditions to benefit the current promotions on the ticket shop?
    For your order to be validated, your payment must be sent within 7 days (date of postmark will confirm); for your bank transfer it must be received within 7 working days (excluding the bank transfer from another country).
    You can benefit from the payment in several times during promotions.

  • I sent my payment more than seven days ago and I am still waiting for a confirmation, is it normal ?
    If you did not receive an e-mail confirmation, it means we didn’t receive your payment. Please contact us if you have been waiting for more than twenty days. 

  • My payment was received, but my order is still under process, is that normal? 
    We work on orders manually; the delay of an order is from seven to twenty days. If you have been waiting for more than twenty days, please contact us, if not, please wait. 

  • When do I need to choose the extra included in my pass, and where do I need to precise it ? (photoshoot/meeting?) 
    For the pass including an only photoshoot or meeting of your choice, we will e-mail you to know your choice a few weeks before the convention. 

  • I have a promotional code, what are the requirements to use it?  
    Promotion codes can not be combined with each other, and a promotional code is not valid with other current promotions in the ticket shop.
    They can only be used on the categories of pass / extras indicated when transmitting code and until the date indicated. If an information is missing, you can contact us by email.
    You can benefit from the payment in several times with the use of a promotional code.

  • I participate in a contest to win one of your pass / extras, what are the conditions?
    You can find the conditions for participation in our contests here

What to expect during the event

  • What is a photoshoot (duo, trio and group)?
    It is simply a picture of you with one of our guest, taken by a professional photographer. It is printed on glazed paper and disposed later on the day for you to pick it up. Please note that photograph sessions take place in private rooms.

  • Can I be with my friends on the picture? 
    For the simple photoshoot, each person on the picture must have purchased the photo op extra. No more than 5 people plus the actor can be featured on the picture. For duo and trio photoshoots: each of you must have purchased the duo/trio photo op extra. No more than 3 people plus the actors can be featured on the picture. The group photoshoot is valid for two people. 

  • If we are two on a picture, how many print should we get ?
     An extra tickat = a print. If it’s a simple/duo/trio photoshoots and that you have two tickets, you will have two prints. For group photoshoot, or discount available for two, you will only get one print. But you can still buy a ticket for an extra print a tour shop the day of the event for 5 euros.

  • Can my autograph be customized?
    Yes, our guests will ask for your name before signing it. Someone will be present to help with the translation if necessary.
    Please note that autograph sessions take place in private rooms.

  • The autograph is sometimes sold with a material. What is that?
    It is an official picture of the actor, for him/her to sign on.

  • What kind of material is allowed for the autographs?
    The official pictures of the guests available in our shop, a neutral material (such as white paper) or any other official material (DVD, posters, magazines…).

  • What is a meet & greet?
    It is a private meeting with a small group of participants and a guest, for about 20 minutes. One meet & greet is planned each day, with each one of our guest. During this time, you can ask directly your questions to the actor. Someone of our staff will be present to help with the translation if necessary. A picture of the group will be taken at the end of the meet & greet for you to keep as a souvenir.

  • What is the Saturday night cocktail?
    We offer you to come at a theme party at each one of our events, which our guests intend for a couple of hours. You can easily purchase this extra in our ticketing.

  • What is a "photo-graph"?
    This extra included a photoshoot + an autograph. The photo will be taken in such a way to make a space on the side so that the actor could sign / leave a note. The printed photo will be used as an autograph support.
    The photoshoot session will take place before the autograph session in order to make your photo-graph.Available only for single photoshoots (with only one actor)

  • How can you describe a panel Q&A?
    The guests will be on stage, ready to answer all of your burning questions regarding the show or their career. Each actor is planned to have a one-hour-long panel each day of the convention.

  • Can you describe how private activities unfold (meet and greet, lunch, cocktail)?
    It is the perfect moment to ask your question to the actor of your choice, so we advise you to prepare your questions in advance to have a topic of discussions by the time you participate in those activities. Someone from our staff will help with translation if necessary.Please note that pictures are forbidden during these activities. A picture could be taken by our staff at the end for you to keep as a souvenir.

  • During the panels, what are the seat sections for? Are seats numbered?
    The room will be divided in several sections: section 1 will be the first few rows, section 2 the rows just behind section 1, etc. You can seat wherever your pass allows you to.
    You will be able to switch seats only if the seat is available and the other participant agrees, because expensive tickets have priority over placement.

  • Will there be English/French translators at the event?
    Yes, someone from our staff will help with translation in every activity at which the actors attend (except for the party).

  • Can I give a present to a guest?
    You can only offer a gift to a guest during the autograph sessions. Please note that you won’t be able to offer a guest something if we judge it unreasonable (too big, disrespectful…).

  • Will I be able to chat with the actors during the photo ops/autograph sessions?
    You will be able to exchange a few words but we won’t have time for you to have a big talk with them. Please prefer a meet & greet, you will have far more time to chat with our guests.

  • Can I hug an actor?
    You can always ask them during the photo ops otherwise it is prohibited during other activities (autograph,meet and greets, cocktail…).

  • Can I take a selfie with an actor?
    No, pictures/selfies with the actors are forbidden, except during the photo ops. Please remember that professional photographers will be present all week-end long to take pictures of the event, which will be posted on our website.

  • Is there any activities planned during the convention?
    Yes, you will have the possibility to take part in many games and trivias during the week-end.

  • How do I collect my badge?
    First, you will have to print the personal ticket we sent you shortly after we received your payment. You will need it the day of the event in addition of your ID card to get your badge, which is absolutely necessary throughout the week-end to access the event.

  • At what time does the convention start?
    The official schedule will be communicated the week before the event. Approximatively, you can expect the event to start around 8:30AM and 10:00AM, as it generally ends around 7:30PM. We strongly advise every participant attending the event by plane, train, and carpool to check that your return ticket is set at the latest hour possible, so you won’t have to leave the event before it ends in case of any delays.

  • Will I be able to have the digital format of my photo ops? 
    The digital format of your photoshoots (JPEG) will be available to purchase in our ticketing a few days after the event. 

  • If an actor cancels his appearance, can I get a refund or resale my pass?
    No, the pass are not refundable. You will not be able to resell your pass. Know that you should not come to the convention for a particular actor but because you like the serie! 

  • If an actor cancels his appearance, can I get his extras refunded?
    Yes! If an actor cancels his appearance you will have the choice between a promo code valid on all our conventions or a refund! 

  • Is the convention dates set to change?
    No, we choose the dates according to every guest schedules. However, the convention can be delayed if one or several of our guests won’t be able to attend the convention anymore. We advise nevertheless that you take exchangeable/reimbursable tickets and hotel rooms so you won’t lose any money in case the event is canceled/delayed.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any more questions that has not been already answered in the FAQ!