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Payment Facilities

For our conventions, we offer payment facilities

Payments can be made only by bank transfer or check. Payments must be made each month on the same date (approximately). 
In addition to the payment facilities described below, it is possible to pay an order for an amount of more than 50€ (pass / extras) in installments, in following the infos below (and in dividing the total amount of your order by the number of transfers wanted).

How to pay by installments:
By check: Checks must be sent in the same envelope, just specify the desired date of collection on the back of each check, in addition to the order number. Please note that the delay of deposit of a check can vary from 7 days. 
By bank transfer: For each transfer, please indicate in the title of your wire the number of your payment "1/3, 2/3 ...", in addition to the number of your order. The last bank transfer needs to be sent to the later 10 days before the convention.

Thank you to specify that you want to pay by installments during your order in the comment' box (or by email after if you forgot).

All payments must imperatively be received before the convention.


• Pass Day in 2 times (50€/month during 2 months)

• Pass Weekend in 3 times (60€ the first month, and 50€/month during 2 months)

• Pass VIP in 3 times (130€ the first month, and 135€/month during 2 months)



• Pass Omega in 2 times (140€/month during 2 months)

• Pass Earth in 3 times (125€/month during 2 months, 100€ the last month)

• Pass Alpha in 4 times (112,50€/month during 4 months) 

• Pass VIP in 4 times (300€/month during 4 months)

TFMIC6See you very soon for an amazing weekend!!